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Sunday, Parish Church

5:00 AM, Ilonggo

6:30 AM, English

6:00 PM, Ilonggo

Note: Weak signals pose a problem for many GKKs in the parish. However, the introduction of Pisonet wifi devices in barangays has overcome this hurdle, allowing easy transmission and reception of parish communications via Facebook and email. The high travel expenses due to the significant distance between parishioners' homes and the parish have been a common complaint. Thus, the decision was made to offer online registration as an option, allowing parents or those intending to marry to provide necessary information for events such as baptisms, weddings, and fiestas.


Sunday, Parish Church

7:45 AM, Ilonggo

Everyone is encouraged to use the online form. However, for official documentation, we still favor the use of the downloadable information sheet. Complete it and hand it over to your KK leader, who will sign it, confirming your membership in your Kristohanong Katilingban. The mentioned information sheet will also be notified by the GKK president.


Please note that the baptism will be planned for one month after all the required paperwork has been properly completed and handed in. This is to enable the child's parents to adequately prepare for the baptism, both physically and spiritually, and to allow the office secretary to verify that all necessary prerequisites are in order.

Parents and godparents are required to participate in sessions led by their respective GKK volunteer catechists. These sessions will be held at the GKK Chapel.


  • GKK Certification signed by the KK President and noted by the GKK President.

  • Child’s Birth Certificate (photocopy)

  • Parent’s Marriage Contract (if both parents are married Catholic - photocopy).

  • Mother Baptismal Certificate (if not married - photocopy).

  • Death Certificate (one of the parents of the child died - photocopy).

  • Parents who are not married and have a child to be baptized must schedule a meeting with the parish priest.

  • Schedule and Place of Interview: Wednesday, 3:00 PM, Parish Office


The GKK catechists oversee catechetical training for candidates who are preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation. For further details, please consult your KK/GKK president and catechists.

You are requested to complete the online form. If you'd rather use the Information Sheet for Confirmation, please download it, provide the necessary details, and present it to your GKK president and catechists.



  • Birth Certificate (photocopy)

  • Baptismal certificate (photocopy)

  • First Communion Certificate (photocopy)

  • Fully Accomplished Confirmation Form


For both urgent and regular scheduling, please reach out to the Parish office at (09659182689). Make sure to complete the Sick Call Form. 


Before proceeding with any additional plans or preparations, it's important to schedule the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony with the parish office a minimum of two months prior to the wedding. This two-month preparation period is set to ensure all necessary documents are appropriately provided. There have been numerous cases where wedding applicants had to obtain the publication of banns from other dioceses or even from abroad, a process that could take substantial time before they are delivered to the parish office. Please fill in the first page of the online Marriage Application Form. Alternatively, applicants can download this form and hand it in to the parish office.


  • Online Application for Marriage. (Reply from the parish office will be sent to you after the online application is submitted and checked by the parish secretary.)

  • Baptismal Certificate- ORIGINAL COPY (New Issue for Marriage Purpose)

  • Confirmation Certificate- ORIGINAL COPY (New issue)

  • Permit to Marry/Parish Permit (If coming from other Parish)

    • For Non-Catholics:  Submit Certificate of Liberty from the Pastor, Brgy. Clearance/CENOMAR-Photocopy)

  • Preliminary Interview by the parish secretary.

  • Pre-Cana Seminar to be given by the GKK FLM worker) (Venue: GKK Chapel)

  • Marriage License- ORIGINAL (from City Hall)

  • For Validation:  Marriage Contract (Civil or other Sect/Religion) original & 1 photocopy

  • Final Interview (Priest) – Every Wednesday at 3:00 PM

  • Dispensation Paper for Non-Catholic

  • Letter of Approval from Embassy/Legal Capacity to Marry for Foreigners

  • Certificate of Bachelorhood from the CO (for PNP/Military)

  • Submit a copy of your wedding sponsors during the Final Interview Schedule

  • Payments should be arranged on or earlier before the Final Interview (couple & wedding sponsor’s fee)

  • Affidavit of Cohabitation (Article34) / Birth Certificate of Bride & Groom

  • 4pcs. Documentary Stamp (BIR Office)

  • CENOMAR from NSO (for article 34) / Death Certificate for Widower/Widow


N.B. BE SURE TO SUBMIT (Wedding Application Form, Baptismal & Confirmation Certificates) before attending the PRE-CANA SEMINAR.   


Complete the online form and click the submit button. Alternatively, you can download the form and hand it in to the parish office. This needs to be done at least two months prior to the planned fiesta or requested mass date.

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